Piedmont launches its new state-of-the-art cartridge filter housing product line

Piedmont’s® cartridge filter housings are designed to be used in both new and existing water treatment plants. This new product line includes several vertical and horizontal filter styles which distinguish themselves through an operator focused feature set. For example, Piedmont’s® cartridge filter housings require less space in a water treatment plant compared to conventional filters. The cartridge replacement can be accomplished faster and easier than with any other filters on the market, thanks in part to several design features such as high-speed assembly nuts. These features translate into CAPEX savings and significant OPEX reduction for water utilities.

Piedmont’s® cartridge filter housings are used regularly in front of nanofiltration (NF) and reverse osmosis (RO) water treatment systems as well as CIP (Clean In Place) systems. These filter housings are also designed for temperatures up to 90 °C (194 °F) and pressures up to 10 bar (150 psi). Made from FRP, Piedmont® cartridge filter housings are a cost-effective solution and a reliable pre-treatment protection for reverse osmosis systems that treat brackish and sea water.

“This new product line will definitely bring Piedmont further in the water treatment industry. We expect that the FRP cartridge filter housings will significantly enlarge the scope of products Piedmont has to offer OEMs (Original Equipment Manufacturers) and EPC (Engineering Procurement Construction) companies within the desalination industry. Also, it will boost and complement the sales of Piedmont’s core product, the flexible coupling. The synergies and cross selling opportunities will scale-up sales within our existing sales network and thus enhance Piedmont’s global leadership position as an equipment and component supplier for the desalination market”, stated Ties Venema, Commercial Director – Spain of Piedmont.